Although we want all the attention focused on Kassady, cell phones DO work in Cancun if you let your carrier know in advance that you will be there. The resort also has a business center where you can check your email.

Mexico Myth #1 - Dont Drink the water... NOT TRUE, the water at the resort is fine, and they have a on site distillation facility. Bottled water is available at every restaurant and bar.

Forgot It At Home ? - Don't worry, the resort has a huge gift shop with everything from batteries and medicines to fine gifts for the folks back home... Cancun is also home to a Super Wal-Mart which features the largest liquor store in the Yucatan.

Do Try a Bloody Caesar... Do NOT ask what is in it before you finish it....

Currency - Most places will take US Dollars, however they WILL slant the conversion in their favor. We would not recommend that you bring down pesos, just use dollars everywhere. If you use a large bill, you will get your change in pesos, so smaller bills are recommended. Credit cards are also accepted at most places, and the bank will do a very accurate conversion to dollars on your statement. There are ATMS on the property, but they will give you pesos, and unless you let your bank know ahead of time, you may have trouble getting them to work. ALSO - most credit card receipts will be in PESOS, not dollars, and the notation ($) is the same, so do not worry about having a $60.00 margarita at Margaritaville.

Tipping - The staff does work very hard and will go out of their ways to make your stay great. While tipping is NOT required, you will find a dollar or two is greatly appreciated. Just a few dollars while at the pool or at dinner is great. Trust us, they earn it!

Mexico Myth #2 - You have to speak Spanish... Well, its nice to be able to say please and thank you in Spanish, you will find that MOST employees at the resort speak pretty good English. Just use short sentences, and small words and you will be able to communicate pretty easily. HOWEVER, staff who do not normally speak with guests (maids, gardeners, etc) will not have as good of a grasp on the language as people like bartenders, waiters, front desk, etc. With those people, most will just smile and say yes a lot. If this happens to you, just find someone else to help you.

WHEN YOU LEAVE THE RESORT - you are in a foreign country where they are not required to learn or speak any English. Signs, recepts, and everything else will be in Spanish. This is when you need to have a phrase book or Spanish-speaking friend with you. It is not hard to get around, and people are very friendly and helpful, but you will find it easier if you know a few words. It is also just polite to try and speak the native language - they appreciate an effort.

Mayan Coffee - mmm mmm good!

Getting Around - well, some of you probably do.... but seriously.... take cabs... they are not very expensive - but get a price BEFORE you get in the cab - that way you BOTH know what the fare is going to be.

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