When making your flight arrangements, remember to cover the following 3 items: 

  • Book your room reservations at the Moon Palace through our online reservation link

  • Book a flight

  • Book travel arrangements from the airport to the Moon Palace and your return in advance. 

Room Reservations
  • Book your room using the Moon Palace online reservation link.  This is very easy process.  Just follow the link and fill out the required information.  If you don’t know the exact details of your flights, you can always update your reservations. 
  • If possible, please book your rooms by September 15th in order for us and the resort to plan accordingly.

  • If you have general resort questions or questions about filling out the reservation form, please contact Eva Herrera at (800) 539-3313 x 9.
Flight Reservations
  • The major airlines that fly to Cancun include Delta, Continental, US Air, and American Airlines. 

  • You have several options when booking your flight.  There are numerous travel sites including Orbitz, Travelocity, and Expedia.  You might also want to try this discount travel site – www.vacationexpress.com (note – make sure to choose FLIGHT ONLY).
  • Another option is to use a travel agent.  We have been working with Jody Jones at Carlson Fairwinds Travel in Montgomery.  She will book your flight, in addition, to booking your room through the Moon Palace online reservation link and your travel to and from the airport when you arrive in Cancun.  You can reach her at (334) 213-2000 to find out more information. 
  • Since Jody will be making your room reservation through the Moon Palace online reservation link, there might be an additional charge when making your flight and transportation arrangements to cover her costs.
  • This option will have payment options to consider.  Talk to Jody to find out more. 

Transportation Arrangements
  • You will want to arrange for travel from the Cancun airport to the Moon Palace and for your return to the airport.  There are taxis at the airport, but the taxi fare would be approximately $50 or more. 

  • We usually use Chaza Travel which is an affiliate of Palace Resorts.  Each way is usually around $20 per person.  You can make reservations with them through the Palace Resorts website - https://www.palaceresorts.com/Transfers/TransferIndex.asp or you can call World Vacations Travel at (800) 635-1836 x 6020.  You will need your reservation number first before you can reserve your transportation.  They will meet you at the airport and shuttle you to the hotel

  • If you are booking through the travel agent, she uses Royal Transportation.  The fee is $18 per person. 

  • We DO NOT recommend renting a car while in Mexico.
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From the research we have done, Continental seems to have the best flight prices and schedules, but this is all going to depend on where YOU are coming from and what dates you are traveling.  Keep in mind that Saturday will be an extremely busy travel day, so you might want to consider coming in on Friday.  Also, prices will probably drop in the next couple of weeks since summer is coming to an end.  Prices tend to be higher during this time of the year due to all the travel before school starts. 

We will keep you posted on any flight deals that we may run across, so make sure to send us your email on the Talk to Us page.     

Something to keep in mind…  We will be having the Welcome Party on Saturday night at 6:00 and you might not want to schedule anything too early in the morning when leaving Cancun, because you will need to arrive at the airport approximately 3 hours before your flight leaves.  We would hate for you to have to turn in early on Monday night!  And…you might want to hang out for a few more days after the festivities, since most of you will already have the holiday off from work! 

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